Sewing Techniques for Perfect Finishing

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The Martwayne Sewing Techniques for Perfect Finishing Online Course gives you the opportunity to learn basic sewing and advanced sewing skills to help you sew like a professional.

  • Are you a fashion designer who wants to learn tailoring and improve on their skills?
  • Are you a complete beginner looking for an easy class which teaches sewing for beginners?
  • Would you like to upgrade your sewing skills and produce well done and neatly finished designs? 

Then this Course is for you.

Differentiate yourself with

Sewing Skills that have the Perfect Finish


Make your sewing projects stand out with our Sewing Techniques class.  It is a Fashion Design Online Course that enables you:

  • Learn easy sewing for beginners using easy sewing tips;
  • Understand basic sewing lessons for beginners and advanced sewers;
  • Sew like a professional by teaching advanced sewing skills;
  • Execute different sewing projects with the perfect finishing;
  • Create neat sewing projects that exceed customer expectations;
  • Avoid common mistakes that are often overlooked when sewing;
  • Learn key sewing techniques and more effective ways of achieving perfectly finished designs.

This fashion course is for you if:

  • You are a fashion beginner who wants to learn to sew;
  • You are a fashion designer or advanced sewer looking to learn advanced sewing skills;
  • You want to improve your sewing projects and deliver outstanding work;
  • Learn tailoring techniques that will make you stand out;
  • You love to sew and take on different DIY sewing projects; and
  • You own a clothing line and will like to stand out in the industry

You can still learn to sew even in your busy schedule!

Turn your passion for fashion into profit. Many people want to become fashion designers but do not have the time to learn the skill. If you have a 9 to 5 job, you don’t need to give up your passion for fashion design. You can learn the skill with this Sewing Techniques for Perfect Finishing Online Course and design with the perfect factory finish anywhere in the world!

Acquire a profitable skill today!

This course is for everyone! As a student, a housewife, a job seeker or a professional, it is important to have a skill that can make you money. Even if you have a profitable business, this course will enable you diversify your source of income; and provide you with skills to design amazing outfits for yourself and loved ones.

You can register anywhere in the world.  It is the same great Course with the same modules and is perfect for complete beginners or those who can already sew.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Learn from the Best Online Fashion School!

Course Content

Total learning: 55 lessons Time: 12 weeks
  • Introduction to the Course  0/2

    • Lecture1.1
    • Lecture1.2
  • Know Your Sewing Tools  0/7

    • Lecture2.1
    • Lecture2.2
    • Lecture2.3
    • Lecture2.4
    • Lecture2.5
    • Lecture2.6
    • Lecture2.7
  • The Sewing Machine  0/7

    • Lecture3.1
    • Lecture3.2
    • Lecture3.3
    • Lecture3.4
    • Lecture3.5
    • Lecture3.6
    • Lecture3.7
  • Creating the Perfect Stitch  So now you've learnt how to handle a sewing machine. But making clothes goes beyond your sewing machine and threads. Creating the perfect garment is a combination of different techniques which you will learn in this Section. Take notes and don't forget to ask questions. 0/6

    • Lecture4.1
    • Lecture4.2
    • Lecture4.3
    • Lecture4.4
    • Lecture4.5
    • Lecture4.6
  • Seam Finishes - Methods of Finishing off Raw Edges of Fabric  0/7

    • Lecture5.1
    • Lecture5.2
    • Lecture5.3
    • Lecture5.4
    • Lecture5.5
    • Lecture5.6
    • Lecture5.7
  • The Overlocker  0/7

    • Lecture6.1
    • Lecture6.2
    • Lecture6.3
    • Lecture6.4
    • Lecture6.5
    • Lecture6.6
    • Lecture6.7
  • How to Sew Zips  0/5

    • Lecture7.1
    • Lecture7.2
    • Lecture7.3
    • Lecture7.4
    • Lecture7.5
  • Facings  0/6

    • Lecture8.1
    • Lecture8.2
    • Lecture8.3
    • Lecture8.4
    • Lecture8.5
    • Lecture8.6
  • Waistbands  0/6

    • Lecture9.1
    • Lecture9.2
    • Lecture9.3
    • Lecture9.4
    • Lecture9.5
    • Lecture9.6
  • Conclusion - Sewing Techniques for Perfect Finishing  0/1

    • Lecture10.1
  • Earn Your Certificate  0/1

    • Lecture11.1



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₦15,000.00 ₦10,000.00

Basic Items Required for this Course:

  • Sewing Machine (any basic domestic electric sewing machine with at least 5 stitches.  A minimum of 12 stitches will be even better). Any brand works.
  • Basic Needlework Kit which must include hand needles
  • Roll of Thread / Threads
  • Box of Pins
  • Calico or any cotton fabric
  • Interfacing
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Zips (including Invisible Zips)
  • Seam Ripper

You can add to this list as you go along.  A quick google search will show what these items look like.

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